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KRUVE Espresso glass

KRUVE Espresso glass

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خصم نفذت الكمبية


-The PROPEL is designed for espresso unlike any other glass. By leveraging key design features like headspace, internal fins, and a double-to-single-walled construction, the PROPEL is taking espresso to new heights!


-2.5oz (75ml) PROPEL espresso glass is uniquely hand-blown and purposefully designed to give you the best tasting single or double shot. The double-walled construction ensures the glass is cool to the touch, while keeping coffee temperature just right. It also features a robust amount of headspace to help capture and circulate the rich aroma. 

-Due to espresso’s oily nature, it can easily stratify and separate into different tasting layers. However, thanks to three internal fins and a convex-shaped bottom, when swirled in the hand, the PROPEL glass will agitate the coffee and de-stratify the various layers, providing a consistent and balanced flavor in every sip.

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