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MHW-3BOMBER Puck Screen

MHW-3BOMBER Puck Screen

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Product Details

*This 58.5 mm espresso puck screen helps prevent coffee grounds from sticking to the espresso machine shower screen, keeping the shower screen clean.

*Made of the high-quality double 304 stainless steel puck filter screen, good filtering effect. Easy to care for and clean, just rinse and wipe it dry or place it.

*This puck screen will disperse water evenly, increase the amount of solids that dissolve into the espresso, helping you get better extraction.

*Very easy to use, Just tamper and place ?it over the Portafilter filter basket, which helps you make delicious and mellow coffee drinks.

*Compatible with Espresso machine portafilters (58mm) filter basket, also apply to home, office or coffee house, etc.

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