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Decent espresso

Decent espresso

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  220V v1.44

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DE1PRO : lowest price

DE1XL : bigger, prettier

DE1XXL : high power

Warmup time Espresso and steam: 270 seconds
Espresso only: 135 seconds
Espresso and steam: 178 seconds
Espresso only: 89 seconds
Steam power 42 second 200ml (8oz) latte on 110V
38 second 200ml (8oz) latte on 220V
24 second 200ml (8oz) latte
Electrical Peak: 8.2 amp at 220V, 15.9A at 110V.
Steam: 1500W.
Peak: 10 amp. 220V only.
Steam: 2200W.
Warranty 2 years. 200,000 espressos. 2 years. 400,000 espressos.
Water tank 2 liters (enough for 20 espresso)
Steam tip 1 hole 3 holes
Steam wand normal XL XL
Color black white or black white or black
Back panel visible hidden hidden
Countersunk option no yes yes
Dimensions 420mm x 232mm x 369mm [H/W/L]
(16.53" x 9.13" x 14.52") Drawing
429mm x 232mm x 402mm [H/W/L]
(16.89" x 9.13" x 15.82") Drawing
Weight Espresso Machine: 13.2kg (29.1 lbs)
Suitcase: 3.2kg (7 lbs)
Espresso Machine: 13.4kg (29.5 lbs)
Suitcase: 2.8kg (6 lbs)
Espresso Machine: 13.4kg (29.5 lbs)
Suitcase: 2.8kg (6 lbs)
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